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Net Pens

KikkoNet net pens are custom-designed and delivered fully pre-assembled at site. They provide technical reliability and economic convenience, with tangible benefits:

  • Reduced cleaning: less frequent and easier cleaning operations are the consequence of a stiffer and smoother monofilament. Antifouling paints are not required. 
  • Escape prevention and predator resistance: the strong monofilament and the safer lock-off mechanism provided by the hexagonal double-twist make it harder for predators to penetrate the net and extremely rare for fish to escape.
  • Increased yield: maximised water flow and safer conditions contribute to increase the productivity and efficiency.

Case study: “KikkoNet is easier to handle in accordance with standard procedures: the maximized water flow is the main reason why field results are extremely good. A Company using KikkoNet transferred 1.5kg salmon into a fully pre-assembled net pen made of Small Mesh-2.5mm and harvested 6.5kg salmons 7 months later, with a biological FCR (Feed Conversion Rate) of 1.09 and Economical FCR of 1.10. On top of that, the reduced cleaning, higher resistance to predators and increased escape prevention are additional benefits.”


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