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Introducing Maccaferri KikkoNet...for the Engineered Aquaculture of the Future!

New frontiers for environmentally sound solutions for aquaculture and mariculture industry

KikkoNet is the innovative net made of UV stabilised, extremely strong and lightweight Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) monofilaments, woven into a double twisted hexagonal mesh, with specific and unique characteristics. Net pens fabricated from KikkoNet provide optimum conditions for the growth of many fish species. Compare the whole-life-costs of KikkoNet to your current net and see how you can reduce operational costs whilst increasing your yields today! 

When KikkoNet is used within aquaculture cage systems, farm operations benefit from its built-in innovation and technology.

Engineering a better solution

Maccaferri Malaysia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Officine Maccaferri Spa, which operates in the Civil & Environmental Engineering sector.

Our goal is to think and act with professional skill and transparency, applying a global approach in respect of cultural diversity, valuing the environment and the communities where our production facilities are located.

The efforts and investments towards production innovations allow us to be present on all five continents.

Through technological innovation, geographical expansion and focused diversification, this evolution has continued with advanced solutions for the Aquaculture market.

Aquaculture Division, through its strong network of partners and distributors, now supplies KikkoNet worldwide. Completely pre-assembled net pens can be fabricated as per customers’ specifications and supplied on site, ready to be easily integrated with the floating collar and the mooring system of the fish farm.  

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